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Reliable. Professional. Efficient. Heroic!

Conservatory roof looking a bit under the weather? A bit green? We have the answer. Swinnerton Cleaning is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. When we clean your conservatory inside and out! We use a specialist cleaning solution to get rid of moss and algae and bring the conservatory to a shine. The roof, the windows and all upvc are cleaned thoroughly with an eye for detail, leaving a gleaming conservatory. We can also treat the upvc inside with a moss and algae killer to inhibit further growth. The final touch once the PVC is clean is to treat all the glass with purified water. This leaves no steaks or water marks.

  • PVC cleaned

  • Glass cleaned

  • Sills cleaned

  • Gutters emptied and cleaned

  • Decorative finishings cleaned

  • Treated with a moss and algue killer

Give us a call today for one of our heroes to arrange the service.



Trust our team of cleaners to make your conservatory really shine. Your conservatory gets the worst of British weather all year round. This not only means muck and moss builds up, which looks unsightly, but can also overtime discolor the upvc. Use our service to kill moss and algae and remove the built up debris. And breath life back into your conservatory.

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