Gutter cleaning using high powered vacuum, no need for ladders.

In the South east of Kent? We clean gutters all around south-east Kent, based in Deal but offering this service also in Dover, Thanet, Canterbury, Whitstable, Folkstone and surrounding areas. Using sophicticated gutter cleaning vacuums we use this simple and safe method to suck out all the contents of your gutters. Ridding your gutters of moss, leaves, birds mess, tree debris and other unwanted mess. So get your gutters back to a healthy condition, email or call us today.



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Gutters blocked? Or you simply want a maintenance clean? Swinnerton Cleaning is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. We use a high powered vacuum designed especially for this job meaning no ladder damage to your property and no risk of injury climbing ladders. This vacuum will clear your gutters of all muck, moss and tree debris that accumulates over time. The machine simply sucks out the contents of the gutters thus clearing out your gutters very effectively.

This service is a must for the general maintenance of your property, overflowing gutters can cause significant issues with damp and other problems to your property.

For your peace of mind we are insured for public liability and carry a waste carriers license. If requested we can provide a full risk assessment. We can also provide you with our health and safety policy.

Call us or just simply email to arrange the service or just to get a quote under no obligation.

Corner of a Roof Gutter


Using light carbon fiber poles and the latest technology in gutter cleaning we can remove the most stubborn growth from your gutters. Our super powerful vacuum gutter cleaning system gets to work sucking with a triple engine, a 100” water lift and 126Lps Air Flow / 7560Lpm.
We can reach great heights with such power and still empty gutters efficiently.


Don't wait too long!

One cause of damp in your property is gutter water draining out of the gutter and down the side of your building because moss and tree debris have caused a sort of dam. So the waste water has nowhere to go, so just flows down your building, potentially causing issues. It's quite normal for blockages to occur especially over time and if you have trees nearby. Bird mess, tree debris, leaves, roof moss and the occasional tennis ball all add to blockages. Also to consider is the weight of all that accumulated waste in your gutter that over time can weaken the supports that hold the gutter to the building. The best thing to do is, as part of routine property maintenance, is have the gutters properly cleaned out. We offer this service all performed safely from the ground using our vacuum system.



This all depends on the property type. If you are surrounded by overhanging trees or the roof is prone to moss, it would be a good idea to have these checked regularly to ensure no blockages are building up over time. Autumn a good time and again in spring so they are nice and clear. Call or email for a quote!



To receive a quote quickly simply fill in this form and we'll get back to you shortly. Usually within 48 hours or sooner! We may ask for a photo or two to help give an accurate quote. To do this please take a couple of photos of the property (all sides where there is guttering or of the section to be cleaned) and send them to info@kentcleaningservices.co.uk

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An additional service we offer is camera surveys. Check for gutter damage and general condition using our HD wireless cameras mounted on high reach carbon fiber poles.