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Get your Gutters ready!

Blocked gutters is not something you want to have, but unfortunately the weather has other ideas. That, coupled with the changing seasons, can potentially play havoc with your gutters. Leaves are a big culprit, it being autumn, but also moss from the roof sliding into the gutters is also an issue. Why is this an issue? Well gutters are there to carry water away from your property and into drainage, protecting your property. So if their blocked they can't do their job properly. When it rains, that's when you know you have a problem.

Gutters overflowing can cause issues with damp in your home or business, rain water and moss draining down the side of your building is not a good thing. Not only is this unsightly to have on your ground but the excess water and sludge is a slip hazard.

Gutters being regularly emptied is a must, they need to be clear in order to run the water away from your roof and foundation. A build up of moss, algae, tree debris and leaves acts as a dam for rain water rendering your gutter system ineffective in part.

The solution is to clear them effectively but also safely, at Swinnerton Cleaning we don't use ladders for the high gutters. This avoids unnecessary falls and other dangers to us and your property. The method we use is a very high powered vacuum system attached to telescopic poles. We gently raise the poles to the gutters, putting little to no pressure on them, and suck out all the muck. This will clear them so they can flow again and this also removes the excess weight of all the accumulated muck that was weighing down on your gutters. What a relief! So don't put it off, this service on average only takes an hour or so depending on the height and size of building. There's minimal disruption to you and time slots given so you know how to plan your day. So lets look after our gutters so they can look after our properties!

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