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Watch us in action

You'll be amazed when you see us in action clearing your gutters, huge tufts of vegetation disappear into the vacuum system. Very rarely are we beaten by even extreme growth in your gutters! Awkward gutters at strange angels are also usually no problem as we are using ultra light carbon fiber poles so can reach horizontally and round corners.

Leaves are notorious for clogging up gutters and also vacuum machines at the u-bend but our machine is so powerful it does it effortlessly and not just dry leaves but the dead and mushy type and even if you have a kind of hanging gardens of Babylon in your gutters we'll make short work of it.

Filled up gutters look unsightly and give your home a look that is it's not looked after. Not only does it look bad but a full gutter will fill up with waste and cause the water to run out of the gutter and down the side of your building. This can cause damp problems to your property which can cause expensive damage and issues inside.

Whoever you decide to hire for this general maintenance of your property make sure their properly insured and follow health and safety procedures. We follow all health and safety guidelines and do the gutter cleaning from ground level, so no ladders used at any dangerous height. You may see us at very low levels using a ladder but we take no risks with staff. Health is more important to us, so no risks taken. You can rest assure we are on top of this including Covid-19 guidelines.

And don't forget another problem with having blocked gutters, the weight! We sometimes remove 50Kg plus from single properties, that a lot of weight on your gutter and it's small brackets. Talking of gutter health, you can ask us for a video survey as part of the gutter clean which will inspect the general health of your gutters, the tiles around the gutters and the hinges. Ask at the time of booking to save you money as we won't have to make a separate trip to do the filming. Hope to hear from you soon.

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